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TPI has been in operation since 1999. And when you’ve been around for over twenty years, it’s a given that there will be new faces on the team from time to time. It’s terrific that some of our TPI members have been with us for so long, but it’s always exciting to welcome new people to the team to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

The TPI Team’s Newest Members

Sam Kampert – Web Application Developer

Sam is the newest member of the TPI team, and we are excited to have him! He joined us just this month and has already proven his strong work ethic and immense knowledge.

Sam has been working as a web developer since 2014, building everything from WordPress e-commerce sites to internal CRMs. His focus will be on backend development, so he’ll be a great PHP resource to have in the trenches working with the Laravel and Symfony frameworks. Sam can also answer any questions you may have about the Magento e-commerce platform.

Daphne Young – Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Daphne! She came on board in September 2022 and has already made major contributions to the team’s marketing performance and agility.

For a variety of questions about digital marketing, including SEO, social media management, Google Analytics (including GA4), SEMrush, and email marketing, Daphne is a fantastic resource.

Adam Koller – Front-End Developer

Introducing Adam! Adam is the third newest member of the TPI team and has wide ranging experience with clients across the country and in a variety of industries.

Adam joined us recently in August of 2022. He’s a versatile front-end web developer and content management whiz. Adam is an excellent source of information for matters relating to WordPress, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and general website/technical assistance.

Have You Met These Members of the TPI Team?

Michael Meininger – UI/UX Web Designer

Michael joined the TPI team in June 2021. He has shown us what it means to have a diligent work ethic paired with creative thinking.

Michael has been working in web design for about 20 years and is proficient in a wide range of design and development tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Figma, InDesign, Sketch, WordPress, Webflow, and more.

Lindy Spurgeon – Digital Marketer and Project Manager

It just so happens that TPI once had Lindy as a client. She made the fantastic decision to join the team in February 2021 and hasn’t shied away from displaying her skills.

Lindy has a wealth of experience in marketing, project management, digital marketing, and client services. Her broad background in digital marketing includes expertise in SEO, Google Analytics, social media management, and SEMrush.

Dominique Moody – Web Developer

Dominique has been a member of TPI since February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic’s chaos began.

He is highly motivated and is also a self-taught web developer. He is a significant asset to our team as he manages all the technical maintenance for our clients.

Have any questions about HTML/CSS/JavaScript, WordPress, web hosting, or technical troubleshooting? Dominique’s your guy.

You Probably Already Know:

David Peoples – Senior Application Developer

David has been programming with us since December 2010, and he’s worked on a wide array of projects for our clients.

Since David has been working with us for 12 years, we’ve seen how adept he is at planning procedures and identifying potential roadblocks. In addition, he is a trustworthy resource for any problems or inquiries relating to servers and databases, DNS, SSL, API, or system integrations.

Abram Siemsen – Digital Strategist / Developer

Abe has been a member of TPI since January 2007. Being a designer, JavaScript wrangler, animator, project manager, and information architect, it’s fair to say he wears quite a lot of hats.

Abe is an expert with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, email development, Marketo, mobile apps, and general website and technical issues. He has also mastered seeing the larger picture on digital initiatives, even when he’s in the weeds working on the small details. We don’t know how he does it all!

Scott Swanson – Sales Executive

Scott has been with TPI since May 2006 and has provided valuable insight and knowledge since the beginning. His ability to genuinely understand our client’s objectives and goals is outstanding. So, it goes without saying, Scott’s a great listener!

Scott is an expert at defining a scope of work for our clients while collaborating with the production team. He is also familiar with TPI’s schedule, enabling him to gather team members to discuss potential opportunities that arise.

Here From the Start:

Tami Fawcett – Office Manager

Technically, Tami has been with TPI since the beginning (being the owner’s wife). But Tami formally joined the group in 2005 as the office manager, and we are so grateful to have her! With a background in production management, Tami excels in keeping TPI running smoothly.

James Fawcett – President, Digital Strategist

Finally, James is the one who started it all in 1999. Being involved in just about every project, he is dedicated to ensuring the work at TPI will produce quality results for our clients.

James has a wide range of expertise, from research and development to multimedia production and project management. (Oh, and he can pick out some great employees too!)

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