Celebrating 20 Years

In 1999, Bill Gates became the world’s richest person, the Dow Jones broke 10,000, and a small web shop opened its doors in St. Charles, Missouri. Now 20 years later, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person, the Dow Jones has nearly tripled, and TPI is still going strong.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we took a look back at what was happening in 1999 (besides, you know, partying like it was 1999).

Some now-classic movies came out, including The Matrix, Fight Club (don’t forget the first rule of Fight Club), The Sixth Sense, and Office Space. A few important new words made their way into the English Language, like blog, clickbait, e-reader, and texting.

And here’s what some of us at TPI were doing in 1999:

“I was getting ready for Y2K, and I don’t remember actually getting outside very much. But I’m sure I at least was dreaming about riding my bike.”


Web Application Developer

“I was simultaneously figuring out how to be a husband, father, business owner, and grown-up in general. I also must have spent way more time washing my hair back then than I do now.”


President, Digital Strategist

“I was watching Sesame Street and drinking from a sippy-cup.”


Web / UX Designer

“I left a job in early childhood development to raise, arguably, the easiest baby ever. I had few bills, few responsibilities, and someone else was doing all the hard work. Just like now… except I was more pert.”


Accounts, Office Manager

Find out what the rest of the team was up to on our (and what they looked like) back in 1999 on our About Us page.

Thanks for a great 20 years! We look forward to another 20.

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