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David Peoples — Web Application Developer

David Peoples

Web Application Developer

We haven't actually asked him, but we're pretty sure that if David weren't a programmer, he'd have made an excellent mad scientist — minus the whole crazy thing. David is exceptionally good at thinking through a process from start to finish, forseeing possible bumps in the road and finding a workable solution for the inevitable curveball. Combine all that with over twenty years of experience and you can understand why we overlook his insistence on yelling "It's Alive!"" every time we launch a new site.

In 1999…*
I was getting ready for Y2K, and I don't remember actually getting outside very much. But I'm sure I at least was dreaming about riding my bike.

With Whom or What Would You Like to be Stranded on a Desert Island?
I know it's a cheat, but I'll say "a way to get off the island." Just because I sunburn easily.

Cats or Dogs?
I've had both dogs and cats. I like both, but am happy that now I own neither.

Favorite song/album/artist?
“Tank!” by Yoko Kanno, from Cowboy Bebop. Also the “Magnificent Beast” album by Marchfourth Marching Band

Dream Car?
Rivendell Atlantis. (It’s a bike, not a car.)

* To put TPI's 20th anniversary into perspective, we're reflecting on what we were all up to at the end of the last century. If you want to wax nostalgic with us or look toward the future together, contact us!

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