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Lindy Spurgeon

Digital Marketer and Project Manager

Lindy came to us with some existing insight into how the TPI machinery works. Having been a long-time client of ours, Lindy is a welcome addition to the team. She has a strong background management, digital marketing, and client services. And even though Lindy is a Minnesotan now, dontcha know, she still prefers her pizza STL style.

Favorite thing to do off the clock?
“I do a lot of things, so I’m not picking favorites. That said, I’m a maker at heart, so if you manage to catch me not working, I’m probably making something (perhaps incredible handmade candles!).”

What will finally break the internet?
“One could argue that the internet is already broken. But probably some billionaire being a billionaire.”

What is the most useless talent you have?
“Well, I have anxiety, so the ability to leap to the worst possible conclusion/scenario in a single bound. That can be a handy project management trait at times.”

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