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Dominique Moody

Web Developer

Dominique is motivated. Instead of emailing his resume into the darkness of the internet, he drove an hour to TPI headquarters to deliver it by hand. A former audio engineer, Dominique is a self-taught web developer and has become a major contributor to keeping our little portion of the internet running smoothly. Along with general web development, Dominique manages all of the technical maintenance for our clients, and is a critical player when it comes to troubleshooting the inexplicable things that break in the everchanging online space.

Favorite thing to do off the clock?
“I like to relax in general when I’m not working, but there’s a good chance that you would probably catch me binge-watching Youtube videos.”

What’s the best album ever recorded?
“This is a tough one because I’ve got alot of favorites. But I’ll say Dr. Dre’s ‘2001’ album.”

Would you rather read a book or watch a movie? What’s your favorite book or movie?
“A good movie usually. One of my favorites is "Tombstone". I could watch it every day.”

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