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Danielle Katich — Web / UX Designer

Danielle Katich

Web / UX Designer

Danielle is not only a talented creative designer, she is an extraordinary UI / UX designer and problem solver. She received her degree in Interactive Design from Maryville University, but a great education will only get you so far. Danielle backs up her book smarts with unique instincts for understanding our clients' objectives, simplifying complex processes, and formulating exceptional UX solutions. That formula makes her an invaluable player on our team.

In 1999…*
I was watching Sesame Street and drinking from a sippy cup.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Tacos, no question.

Favorite thing to do off the clock?
Go on hikes with my dog Luna, travel, listen to live music, and hang out with my friends and family.

Vans or Converse?
I’m a fan of both, but classic Chucks hold a special place in my heart.

Vans or station wagons?
Not quite classic like a pair of Chuck Taylors, but let’s go with station wagons.

* To put TPI's 20th anniversary into perspective, we're reflecting on what we were all up to at the end of the last century. If you want to wax nostalgic with us or look toward the future together, contact us!

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