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Paul Bordeaux

web application developer

Paul is fluent in tech-speak as well as design-speak. He's never met an interactive development project he didn't like (or if he did, he promised to never talk about it). Don't let his last name fool you — he's likely to choose a craft beer over wine but has never been known to turn down either.

Facebook or MySpace?
Probably Facebook, since I can’t find my Friendster login anymore.

Favorite pie (or pi)?
Rhubarb — the rational choice.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, who is your top pick to help you survive?
My wife because she’s logged more hours studying zombie behavior, as well as apocalypses of various origins, than anyone else I know. Also, nothing scares her. Except boogers. But still a solid choice overall.

Favorite thing to do off the clock?
Make more or less musical noise.

Are French fries better in France?
Not sure. I'll have to take some there and get back to you.

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