New Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Raumschuh – Senior Front-End Developer   

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There’s nothing quite like welcoming new team members and gaining fresh perspectives and insights. We are so excited to have Stephanie Raumschuh (or Stevie as we call her) as our new Senior Front End Developer at TPI! 

Not only does Stephanie bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, but she even worked with us from 2005 to 2016. And now, seven years later, we’re thrilled to have Stevie back on board and can’t wait to see all the things she’ll bring to the table!  

Since I’m a new member of the TPI team, I wanted to interview Stevie to learn more about her career and find out what encouraged her to come back to TPI after being away for seven years. 


Extensive Experience and Expertise 

It’s obvious Stevie is a true master of her craft. Her skills range from HTML/CSS/Javascript to WordPress development and custom theme integration. Curious about what drew her to web development in the first place, I asked Stephanie how she got started. 

“It was in college,” she said. “I’ve always been a logical, analytical person, so I was drawn to it. Someone mentioned that I could go to school for it, and I decided to give it a try. It was a bit of a whim, to be honest, but it worked out in the end.” 

With over ten years of experience, Stevie creates websites that are appealing, user-friendly, and tailored to the clients’ needs. Her ability to manage projects and communicate effectively with clients is ultimately what sets Stevie apart.  


A Diverse Background 

Stevie has plenty of experience in web development and project management, and was even an Adjunct Instructor at WashU here in St. Louis, teaching web design and development courses. She was also the owner and primary photographer at Stevie Photography, where she honed her skills in visual storytelling and creative problem-solving.  

And that’s not all. 

Stevie is a compassionate person who holds the title of Vice President at Smelly Cat Rescue – a non-profit organization that is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of St. Louis’ homeless cats and kittens. Their noble mission includes finding forever homes for sick, injured, abused, and abandoned cats and kittens. 

It’s obvious that Stevie is highly motivated. She balances multiple meaningful endeavors, and does it well! Despite having a busy schedule, she remains dedicated to her passions and committed to making a positive impact. 


Gaining Knowledge From TPI 

During Stevie’s previous tenure at TPI, she honed her skills in web development and project management, and played an integral role in delivering high-quality websites to clients. I asked her what she considers her most significant accomplishments during that time. 

“I would say getting familiar with the basics, like HTML, CSS, Javascript,” Stevie replied. “That really helped me a lot in my career. A lot of people learn whatever the hot new programming language is and they don’t really know much about the basics. Having that knowledge helped me a lot.” 

Stevie’s focus on building a solid foundation of web development skills has proven invaluable throughout her career. By mastering the basics, she’s been able to work on a wide range of projects and adapt to new technologies with ease. 

Given her range of experience and skills, as well as being a “TPI veteran,” I asked Stevie if she had advice for new team members starting at TPI. She had some great insights to share. 

“Ask smart people stupid questions. It really is the best way to learn things and really understand concepts. Anyone can google things, and I still do it too – everyone does,” said Stevie. “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now and I still ask questions all the time. Taking the time to interact with your colleagues, ask questions and learn from their experiences is always going to help you learn.” 



Making the Return to TPI 

As businesses evolve, a lot of things change. With this in mind, I was eager to hear Stevie’s perspective on the changes that have taken place at TPI since her previous stint.  

“What’s changed is I think we’re probably getting better about keeping up with client site maintenance,” said Stevie. “There’s more people onboard now than when I was here before so it’s nice to bring on new skills and have more hands to manage that.” 

I also asked her what stayed the same. 

“It’s still really busy,” she replied. “There’s always lots to do, lots of clients to keep up with. We still work with WordPress which is great- content management is still the best thing out there for small businesses.” 


A Testament to TPI’s Work Culture 

Stevie’s return to our team after a long absence speaks volumes about the supportive company culture and environment we’ve fostered here at TPI. We pride ourselves on our commitment to support, collaborate, and grow as professionals, and Stevie’s decision to come back is a testament to that. 

I asked Stevie, “What distinguishes TPI from other companies you have worked for in the past?” as I was curious about what makes us unique. 

“I really believe that the smaller team size gives clients a more personalized experience. I’ve been on some pretty big teams before, and sometimes clients don’t even know who to reach out to for help,” said Stevie. “TPI makes sure clients always have a point person who knows their project inside out and can help them with anything they need. That personal touch is especially valuable for small businesses who don’t want to feel like just another number on a roster.” 

Overall, it’s clear that our team’s dedication to providing a supportive and personal experience is what sets us apart in the industry. We’re thrilled to have Stevie back with us, and we’ll continue to prioritize a positive work environment for all our team members and clients! 

Written by: Daphne Young

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