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Rebecca Nathanson

web developer apprentice

Rebecca brings an unusual combination of experience -- urban planning, project management, and grant writing – to her web development role at TPI. She created websites while living abroad in Bosnia and studied programming at Launchcode upon her return. Her long-term interests lie in application research and development for civic and community engagement.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The pretzel at Dressel’s with Welsh rarebit cheese.

Favorite pie (or pi)?
Zeljanica, a Bosnian dish that’s a bit like spanikopita.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, who’s your top pick to help you survive?
A good therapist.

Favorite thing to do off the clock?
I'm most likely to be found at a local cafe geeking out on my laptop but with proper planning, I love being outdoors, hearing live music, and dancing Argentine Tango. (Yes, you can learn to dance tango in St. Louis, MO.)

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