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Vicki Lesage

Digital Marketing Strategist / Project Manager

Vicki is your go-to person for getting things done. Anything. Digital marketing strategy? She's on it. Creating content for an SEO link-building program? She already started her outline. Finishing that last slice of pizza? Done. Versatility is Vicki's jam, more so than actual jam. She's more of a jelly person, really.

In 1999…*
I decided to major in math in college, took my first trip to Europe, and camped in the Everglades for Phish’s New Year’s Eve concert. I still love math and Europe. I have not been camping since.

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pizza. No, burritos. Pizza burritos. Ack! Let's hope the ridiculous logistics of a scenario like this prevent it from actually playing out. (But OK, fine, pizza.)

Speaking of ridiculous situations that won't likely play out, who/what do you need in order to survive the zombie apocalypse?
Rick Grimes. And Netflix. And pizza and burritos.

Are French fries better in France?
Yes. And having tasted close to 2 metric tons of fries during my 10+ years in France, I can say this with supreme confidence.

* To put TPI's 20th anniversary into perspective, we're reflecting on what we were all up to at the end of the last century. If you want to wax nostalgic with us or look toward the future together, contact us!

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