This time of year we like to reflect on all the ways we’ve been fortunate. We’re thankful for our jobs, our families, our friends, and of course you — our clients and partners. Here are some of the ways we like to say “thanks.”

There are only a few things more important to me than coffee, so I like to say thanks by sharing some.– Adam


I love drawing, crafting, and any excuse to use glitter. So I like to say thanks with a sparkly creation!– Katie


I have so much to be thankful for, and since I'm a maker at heart, I like to give some handmade thanks.– James


What says "thank you" better than a sweet treat! Have some cookies!– Tami


I've played guitar for years, so my go-to for a thank-you is to play a song.– Scott


Since I lived in France, I now say 'merci' with a nice glass of bubbly. Or three.– Vicki


I'm always looking for an excuse to fly, so what better way to say thanks than by taking people for a ride in my airplane. Grab a headset!– Abram


I like to thank people the way my Grandma does: by filling their bellies with Grandma's famous chicken 'n' dumplings!– Nichole


I love Asian candy — the more unusual the flavor the better! I say thanks with KitKat flavors like matcha green tea and squid ink.– Sonny


As a programmer, what more apt way to show my thanks than with code? Specifically, an ASCII art "thank you!"– David


Woof. Grrr. Snore.– Turner