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Internet Explorer – With the right plugin, it’s not so bad!

internet explorer

I’m not a big fan of Internet Explorer (which is probably as nice as I can say it).  With its lack of support for new technologies, various inconsistencies with other browsers and it’s own versions, and somewhat unstable rendering/processing of web pages, it’s no wonder Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are quickly luring Internet Explorer’s users away.  However, there’s still a segment of users out there that use Internet Explorer for a few reasons:  it’s what they’re used to, they have no need to upgrade/use another browser, their IT department scoffs at anything new/not paid for, or there’s still a game out there running on ActiveX and they can’t part with.  Support for this segment of users has hindered new development in web technologies for years, and has resulted in countless hacks and workarounds to get Internet Explorer on the same page as other browsers.

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