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Who Said Calc Teachers Were Not Creative?

Dec 02

San Diego Calc teacher sells ads on his tests to recoup money lost in budget cuts. Brilliant. I’m just glad I’m finished with school because my mother would have bought a large banner at the top of the test threatening me to fail another Calc test…

The Many Uses for Bacon

Nov 26

As we learned from Pulp Fiction, bacon is good. And apparently it’s good for more than eating. Just thought I’d notify you Cyber Monday shoppers of some interesting bacon gifts I discovered thanks to a friend who identifies himself as a bacon (um, we’ll just use the world “fan” instead of what he actually said).  Perpetual Kid has bacon wallets, bacon floss, and my favorite: bacon and egg breakfast bandages.

Top 11 Lamest Blogs

Nov 17

Whew! We didn’t make the list. :)

PC World – Top 11 Lamest Blogs

I actually know of a few blogs that are lamer than these. Why is it Top 11 anyway?

Find Chuck Norris

Nov 06

I found this while tooling around online:


Do a Google search for “Find Chuck Norris”, and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.  It’s worth it.

Friday Lunch Proposal

Oct 31

In honor of Halloween, anyone dressed as a burrito gets a free one from Chipotle today. Anyone seen any aluminum foil around here?

Cheaper gas = Free Software

Oct 27

Just spreading the news that CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac is free tomorrow. It’s a funny story how it happened – 3 months ago Codeweavers CEO Jeremy White issued a “Lame Duck Challenge” to President GDubbs, claiming that he would offer his software for free if the President accomplished any of five goals during his last 6 months in office. 

  1. Gas drops to $2.79/gallon
  2. Milk drops to $3.50/gallon
  3. US jobs exceed 138 million
  4. The Twin Cities median home price returns to $233,000
  5. Osama Bin Laden is captured
Well…due to the recent economic downturn (not necessarily due to GW), gas in St. Paul his $2.79/gallon. And tomorrow Mac users will rejoice in free software. More

Oh no, he didn’t…

Aug 20

David Hasselhoff Creates Social Networking Site HoffSpace:,2933,406923,00.html

“This got me thinking… I realized that while two people from two entirely different countries and backgrounds may seem to have nothing in common, the only thing they might have in common is me… So I decided to start a network where people from across the world might come together and get a conversation started over me.”

funny video spoofs

Aug 08’ll probably only get the second one if you’re a designer, or just know your fonts somehow)

Does anyone remember the one with the web design shop that does all the work for free? I can’t find it for the life of me.


Jun 26

So my brother works for and one of their clients just put some really funny commercials on YouTube so he sent the link to me. I’m not sure who produced the commercials for them but they’re awesome. I love the “wiggle room” one.