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Ads Showing Up in Google Suggest

Dec 16

So in more “Google is getting greedy with ads” news, Google appears to be testing running ads in Google Search Suggest. Only select users will see this update while they test it out, but here is a screen grab from Search Engine Land:

From an advertiser and a user perspective, I’m not happy with this change. Usually Google strives to make changes that benefit users and contribute to thier financial success. However, this just looks like pure greed to me. It’s way too easy for a user to accidentally click on an ad that hovers right below the search box, creating not only user frustration, but a potential wasted click for the advertiser.

Latest Stats on Chrome

Dec 12

According to Google, Chrome is ready to come out of beta (already). In just 3 months time Chrome has won over 10 million users. Such impressive numbers demonstrate that there is still plenty of opportunity in the browser market. Apparently plenty of people are willing to jump ship, or at least consider jumping ship, on their current browser of choice. And so the browser wars continue…

When Times Get Tough, Google Hits The Bottle

Dec 10

On Monday the Google Adwords blog announced that they would permit Adwords advertisements that promoted hard liquor to the U.S. This is a follow up to their decision in the fall to permit beer ads.

This fall, we changed our policy around beer, for the first time allowing advertisements of its sale in the U.S. via AdWords. And starting today, in response to advertiser feedback we’ve received over the years, we’ll permit the advertisement of hard alcohol and liqueurs that target the U.S.

Or maybe it has something to do with the economy…

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to see what our local (now quasi-local) brewery Anheuser Busch was doing with PPC. I ran a couple searches on “beer” and “mmm beer.” I was disappointed to see that no one is bidding on “mmm beer” because that would be my search of choice.

Then I began to wonder if Bud Light has clickability, not just drinkability. I searched “light beer” and this is what I saw: 

My analysis is that this particular ad doesn’t have much clickability. Thoughts?

New Google advertising formats coming…

Oct 28

So marketers will again have new options for ad placement, plus new and exciting ad formats on Google properties. I think Danny Sullivan summed it up best when he said “The economic times are getting tougher, so Google’s doing its own form of “Drill, baby, drill” and tapping into reservoirs it has left untouched until now.”

Here’s a summary of the new ad formats in the works, but you can read Danny’s article on Advertising Age here.

1. “Show Products” Ads — Very cool for ecommerce sites. This ad format provides a little plus symbol under the ad copy that says “Show Products From [Merchant Name]“. Users can click on the plus symbol and product listings with images will appear beneath the ad, pushing competitors ads down the page (extra cool). Will we see this in time for Christmas?

2. Google is testing ads on Google Image Search – Banner ads (yep) have started appearing on Google Image search, near the bottom of the page. People have also seen adwords listings with images next to the ad copy.

3. Google is testing “Promoted Videos” on YouTube – Just like Adwords for video. These ads run alongside the normal YouTube search results, and allow advertisers to promote their video content on YouTube on a CPC basis.

4. YouTube “Click to Buy” links – Now you can see these links below some videos. It allows viewers to purchase products related to the videos they are viewing. It generates some revenue for Google, helps calm some compyright infringement issues, and it helps publishers convert viewers to a sale. Very clever. It makes me wonder how many times I would have bought something directly from my TV, after viewing a commercial, if I had that option. Probably too many times, especially during those super motivating infommercials…

5. More ads at Google Maps – We’re starting to see text ads show up beneath the map area on some maps.

Google Speech Recognition in Videos

Oct 10

I was just reading a SearchEngineLand article stating that Google has rolled out audio indexing (GAudio) for YouTube videos on the YouTube political channel and will soon roll it out to all YouTube. That’s very exciting stuff, as it presents a great opportunity for companies who publish great content videos to start seeing their videos rank for important keyword phrases, and increases the relevancy of video rankings. It’s a necessary advancement beyond using meta data to rank vidoes.

Granted, it also presents the opportunity for keyword spam in video content, ie “Governor Palin, we need you to mention ‘Maverick’ 3 times in this speech, and put strong emphasis on it once at the beginning.”

Now Google’s Your Wingman Too

Oct 07

How funny is this?

Put on Google’s ‘Mail Goggles’ before you send that late night e-mail

Google’s 10th Anniversary site

Sep 24

If you haven’t seen it, here’s Google’s 10th anniversary site.

Even if you’re a google-hater there’s some interesting history in there.

Google’s invading your TV

Sep 09

For a company that swears they’re not an ad agency (or media for that matter) they’re getting awfully close…

Google Strikes Partnership With NBC to expand in TV Advertising

Google adds facial recognition to Picasa

Sep 03

Okay, now this is creepy:

“Picasa users will be able to label their photos with names. Google will then start to automatically suggest other photos that look similar to the ones you already named.”

Gmail security hole

Aug 21’s an easy fix to switch to https only mode in your settings.