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TweetUp or Down?

Apr 12

And so it begins…Search advertising guru, Bill Gross, is bringing what he does best to Twitter. Announced today, his newest brainchild, TweetUp, will allow people to bid on key words to improve the ranking of their Tweets. Accordingly, TweetUp will also measure retweets and clicked links to organize Tweets by popularity.

The idea is for users to be able to quickly and easily wade through the multitude of useless information on any particular subject to see Tweets that have been deemed useful and/or originated from a knowledgeable/credible source. This also works in the opposite direction by giving users who are trying to build a following or establish themselves as subject-matter experts, a (quicker?) way to break out of the crowd. The question is: are people willing to pay for this and will the mass of users on Twitter take kindly to paid placements?

Here at TPI, we’re pretty big fans of Twitter both for ourselves and for our clients. Generally, we see it as a quick and easy(er) way to engage a target audience and establish credibility as an expert. Of the major limitations of Twitter ( 1) sometimes 140 characters really isn’t enough, 2) it’s a long, slow climb to the top and 3) the difficulty of locating useful Tweets) TweetUp has the potential to knock out two of them. Two out of three ain’t bad.

So what do you think? Would you pay to get your Tweets to the head of the line? As a user, would it bother you to know that some Tweets have been bumped up by $$?