Posts from July, 2008

Another attempt to kill Google. Cuil.

Jul 28 (Credit to Skye for pointing this out to me.)

Create Screen Mockups & Web Page Prototypes in Firefox with Pencil

Jul 25

This is pretty cool. Obviously not as sophisticated as Photoshop, but if you just need to mock something up really quick you can do it from this firefox plugin:

Most effective ways to obfuscate email addresses

Jul 22

This guy tested the results for over a year, what dedication. Maybe I’m behind the curve, but I hadn’t even thought of some of these.

More on SEO for Flash and Google’s new capabilities

Jul 22

Black In America

Jul 09

I think these are clips taken from our kiosk…


Jul 02

I just came across a little review of this site, and it sounds interesting.

It was best described by a blogger as a business model that “applies the Web 2.0 treatment to commercial graphic design.”

It works like this:

“As the buyer of art, you create a profile on the website about the kind of project you want and how much you’re willing to pay. Then artists, who also have profiles on the site, will submit their best cracks at your project (actual work, not proposals), and you can choose the one you like and “award” the designer the money you said you’d pay. Payment is held in escrow by crowdSPRING until the deal is done.”

I’m interested to know what everybody thinks of the concept…

Abe. I think I have something you’re going to love…

Jul 01

Ok, so this is probably something that Erin would normally drop the ball on, but I couldn’t help myself. I think it could make a pretty big impact on how we approach design and development for our clients.And now, without further delay…

Adobe, Google and Yahoo join to make Flash content searchable!!

As Ryan Stewart, an Adobe evangelist put it…
“So what does that mean? We are giving a special, search-engine optimized Flash Player to Yahoo and Google, which is going to help them crawl through every bit of your SWF file. This Flash Player will act just like a person would in some cases. It will click on your buttons, it will move through the states of your application, get data from the server when your application normally would, and it will capture all of the text and data that you’ve got inside of your Flash-based application. We’ve basically provided a very powerful looking glass into SWF files so Google and Yahoo can pull out meaningful information.”

Read more here:

And here:

So, I’m curious… Erin, what’s your take??